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The Ubbil Science Festival aligns with SeeSD’s vision and mission of promoting STEAM education, critical thinking, and scientific literacy from an early age.

Since its inception in 2015, SeeSD has aimed to organize an annual event that bridges the gap between scientists and the general public.


We provide training to high school, college students and K12 teachers, equipping them with the skills to teach STEAM activities through interactive and playful workshops. These trainings aim to make science accessible and enjoyable for all.


We provide STEAM workshops with our tailored program, offering engaging, hands-on learning experiences that foster interactive participation and knowledge acquisition.


In 2018, an exciting opportunity emerged to initiate the Ubbil Science Festival as part of the Next Einstein Forum’s Africa Science Week initiative, with the involvement of SeeSD founder Dr. Khadidiatou Sall, who was also NEF’s ambassador in Senegal. SeeSD collaborated with the Ministry of Higher Education and Innovation, the Digital University Cheikh Hamidou Kane (formerly known as UVS – Université virtuelle du Sénégal), and Ubbil to bring this event to life.


Despite the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the festival persevered with the support of Ubbil and the Digital University Cheikh Hamidou Kane. Together, these organizations worked diligently to create a virtual format for the festival, ensuring its continuity and widespread participation. Over the years, the festival has gained significant traction, attracting a diverse range of attendees, including scientists, academics, students, media professionals, entrepreneurs, parents, and community members.


The success of the Ubbil Science Festival can be attributed to the collaborative efforts of over 150 volunteers, 60 partner organizations, and 50 speakers. Through strategic promotion on social media platforms, the festival’s reach expanded to over 5 million people, solidifying its position as an integral part of the STEAM promotion ecosystem in Senegal. By providing a platform for knowledge exchange and fostering engagement between scientific communities and the general public, the Ubbil Science Festival has played a vital role in promoting scientific knowledge and creating awareness of STEAM disciplines in Senegal.


As of 2022, the festival has transitioned to a biennial format, allowing for increased inclusivity and continued innovation to further engage the community.

The next event will be held in December 2024.





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