Code of conduct

for the Ubbil Science Festival

The Ubbil Science Festival promotes inclusivity and values diverse perspectives in scientific discussions. We welcome and support people from all backgrounds, identities, and viewpoints. Our Code of Conduct sets clear expectations for all participants, ensuring an atmosphere of inclusiveness, safety, and open dialogue. 

The Code applies to all Ubbil Science spaces and approved communication platforms. While we cannot enforce policies in offsite spaces, we encourage adoption of our guidelines. Abuse may result in denial of access to future events. Explore our About Us section to learn more about our values and vision.

Be Respectful

At the Ubbil Science Festival, we value respect and inclusivity. Treat all participants, attendees, staff, and volunteers with respect, regardless of their backgrounds, identities, and viewpoints. Our aim is to foster collaboration and diversity in a welcoming environment. Please maintain a professional and courteous demeanor throughout our events. Refrain from any form of harassment, discrimination, or disrespectful behavior. Mind your language and actions, contributing to a positive and supportive atmosphere.

Be Kind

Kindness is central to the Ubbil Science Festival. Be considerate and understanding towards others. Seek guidance when unsure and approach differing opinions with an open mind. Remember, not everyone may have the same first language, so patience is key. Intentional conflict or harassment will not be tolerated and may result in expulsion. Let’s create a positive and respectful environment by upholding these values.

Be Helpful

Offer your assistance courteously if you encounter someone in need during the event. Small acts of kindness can make a significant impact. Our dedicated volunteers inspire us with their commitment to driving positive change. Embrace a service-oriented attitude and make a positive impact in your community. Engaging with the festival connects you to a community striving for scientific advancement. Share your knowledge, support others, and create a collaborative and supportive environment. Together, let’s make a difference and enjoy the event to the fullest.

Be Open

We foster openness, encouraging collaboration and knowledge sharing among participants. Embrace a culture of learning and innovation, sharing your knowledge while remaining open to learning from others. Open access publishing is central to our mission. Awardees are encouraged to make their materials available through open access platforms, giving credit to the original authors. While we value open source practices, we respect individuals’ rights to protect their intellectual property. Properly credit and attribute the work of others when referencing it. By upholding these principles, we create an environment that promotes collaboration and scientific advancement

Be Vocal

We recognize that knowledge resides not only in formal institutions but also in the wisdom and experiences of all people. We encourage everyone to share and contribute their ideas. Embrace diverse perspectives, enriching our discussions with unique insights. Our goal is a safe and inclusive environment, fostering collaboration among various institutions and individuals, including those with indigenous knowledge. Your thoughts and experiences are invaluable to collective learning and growth. Engage in discussions, ask questions, and share ideas to shape a brighter future for scientific advancement.

Be Responsible

We prioritize safety, ethics, and responsible behavior. Follow guidelines for child safety, responsible technology use, and respecting privacy and security. If you bring your children, ensure their well-being and safety. Supervise their activities to prevent accidents or harm, creating a family-friendly and safe environment. Let’s create a safe and trustworthy environment for everyone at the event.

Be Fairplay

We promote fair play and an inclusive environment. Play with integrity, honesty, and respect, avoiding cheating. Embrace both victory and defeat gracefully, celebrating achievements and supporting others. Familiarize yourself with competition rules and treat all participants equally. Value teamwork and collaboration, showing good sportsmanship and respect. Let’s foster a vibrant community of learning and friendly competition while upholding integrity at the festival.

Be Clean and Environmentally Conscious

Maintaining a welcoming environment is crucial. We urge all participants to adhere to the following guidelines: Use designated bins to dispose of trash and refrain from littering, keeping shared spaces clean. Treat restrooms with care and cleanliness, considering others’ needs. Embrace environmental consciousness by reducing, reusing, and recycling, minimizing the use of single-use items. Follow cleanliness guidelines as provided by the organizers. Show consideration for others by keeping noise levels appropriate and promptly reporting any issues to staff. By being clean, respectful, and environmentally conscious, we create an enjoyable and sustainable event for everyone involved.

Be Mindful

We highly value punctuality and respect for everyone’s time and efforts. Keep these guidelines in mind for a smooth experience: arrive on time, respect workshop holders and volunteers, and be adaptable. Our staff, presenters and volunteers generously share their knowledge and make significant efforts. Treat them with respect and professionalism. Avoid any form of abuse and engage positively. By being mindful of these guidelines, we create an inclusive and supportive environment, fostering a positive atmosphere for all throughout the event.

Be Aware

We value punctuality and respect for everyone’s time. Arrive on time, respect workshop boundaries, exhibit professional conduct, and be flexible. Media access is limited to approved personnel for press coverage, and it’s crucial to respect their role while obtaining explicit consent before filming or recording. Organizers can be identified by their tags or festival t-shirts, and participants are encouraged to approach them for assistance or questions. Maintaining a safe and inclusive environment is a collective responsibility shared by all attendees, emphasizing the importance of treating others with respect.


Harassment includes various behaviors that create a hostile or uncomfortable environment for others. These behaviors are not tolerated at the Ubbil Science Festival and may include offensive comments, unwelcome behavior, inappropriate or off-topic sexual images or engaging in inappropriate behavior, Intimidating others through deliberate acts or creating a fear-inducing atmosphere, providing unwelcome sexual attention or advances, stalking, disruption of discussions or events, hindering others’ participation

We strive to maintain a respectful and safe environment at the Ubbil Science Festival, where everyone can engage in meaningful discussions and learning without fear of harassment. If you witness or experience any form of harassment, please report it to event organizers or staff immediately. Together, we can uphold a culture of respect and inclusivity for all participants.

Other Misconducts

To maintain a safe and respectful environment at the Ubbil Science Festival, disciplinary sanctions will be applied in case of misconduct or violations of the code of conduct. Examples of misconduct at the Ubbil Science Festival include: insubordination, insults, threats, physical aggression, incitement to disobedience, engaging in brawls, fraud, theft, abuse, unauthorized disclosure of sensitive information, misappropriation of festival items, displaying derogatory inscriptions, and unauthorized circulation of subscription lists.


Report any inappropriate behavior or incidents immediately at the Ubbil Science Festival. Your safety is paramount, and we value your well-being. Please provide detailed information to the festival organizers or designated staff and cooperate fully in any investigation. Retaliation against reporters is strictly prohibited. Your courage to speak up contributes to a safe and inclusive environment for all participants.

Please be Compliant 

Compliance is essential. Adhere to laws, regulations, and policies, including intellectual property, data protection, and health and safety. By respecting these obligations, we create a responsible environment. Familiarize yourself with the guidelines and align your actions accordingly for the success and integrity of the Ubbil Science Festival.

Consequences of Non-Compliance

Non-compliance with this code of conduct may result in serious consequences. The severity and nature of the violation will determine the specific actions taken, which can include:

  • Warnings: For minor infractions, participants may receive a warning to rectify their behavior.

  • Expulsion: In more severe cases, individuals may be expelled from the STEAM festival, and their participation privileges revoked.

  • Legal Actions: In extreme circumstances, where violations involve legal ramifications, appropriate legal actions may be pursued.

    Your safety and respect are paramount at the Ubbil Science festival. We expect all participants to adhere to this code of conduct, fostering inclusivity and positivity. The organizers may update the guidelines as needed, ensuring effectiveness, with prompt communication. By participating, you agree to abide by this code, promoting kindness, integrity, and ethical behavior for a welcoming and supportive environment.

    Thank you for your support